July and its challenging​ monthly goals || Diary & Thoughts


Where did the time go? I am probably saying that every single month but to be honest it’s true. This month passed by so quickly that I hardly noticed. I hope the future ones will slow down a bit. Anyway, we have the beginning of July and like almost every month I’d like to share my monthly goals with you. There are only four but they will be quite challenging for me.

Read to sleep every single night

I don’t read as often or as much as I would like to. I switched to TV at night and my sleep isn’t that good lately. I thought that it’s finally time to start reading more and create a little habit. There are so many great books to read. I should every evening find some time to just go through a couple of chapters.

Organise my hobbies again

This one is very, very important for me and yet the most challenging. It will take a lot of effort and I will have to let go of bad habits I have. Which will not be that easy. I remember when I was doing a lot of things and now I just don’t. I went to work and that’s it. All my hobbies were pushed away. I started to procrastinate. I didn’t realize how much it affected me until I spent a whole day taking photos and I became a whole different person. It brought that little spark of happiness into my life. I felt great. It reminded me of myself when I was doing everything to find some time for my hobbies. I need to start taking better care of my time again.

Declutter my wardrobe

That’s something I love to do from time to time. Now it’s the best time for that to get rid of the old ones and to buy new ones on sales. I donate most of the clothes because I like to know that they will have a second life.

Spread positivity around me

It’s the most tricky one. I want to be a kind person. And I don’t want my negative emotions to affect anyone else but me. Just because I have a bad day it doesn’t mean that someone else must have it too. And also because someone isn’t in good mood I don’t want to be the person who gets that person to even worse mood. You get it? Like if someone’s gruff to me I don’t want to be mean to him. I want to be a person who is lifting people up rather than taking them down.

That’s all for today. Let me know what are your goals for July. I’d love to know 🙂 




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