The wild spirit || The Cat and The Dog


Early morning.

‚I stand here on a high cliff. The wind is blowing my way. I can feel the wilderness of the world in front of me. I hear the adventure calling. How I wish to escape the place I am trapped in. I would run all those hills. I would hunt for food. I would do everything I want. I would survive the way my ancestors did. Ohh… I’d give anything to discover green fields with rapid brooks. I’d wander around the world to find the perfect place for me. But after the long journey would I find it? Or would the changing landscape be my dear companion for life? I want to discover it. I want to know.’

The Cat gazes into the distance. The wind strokes the fur. After two minutes the decision is made. The Cat jumps out of the window.

Late evening.

The Dog (D): Cat! Where have you been? What has happened to you?

The Cat (C): The world was beautiful until the peasants appeared.


C: I heard the calling of my ancestors and I went to wake up my wild spirit. 

D: Your what? 

C: But the whole world is taken by humans.

D: No, it isn’t.

C: Dog! Yes, it is! Everywhere I went they were there. Peasants everywhere! 

The Cat lays down flat on the back with his paw on eyes. 

D: I and Kate very often run in the woods and hardly ever I see people there.

Silence. The Dog looks at Cat who acts even more dramatically as if he’s in so much pain.

C: I was by the big blue house when the morning turned into the evening. I have decided to head back home.

D: Did you cross the road?

C: No! 

D: Cat, you were two houses away and it took you the whole day. What about the calling of ancestors and waking up your wild spirit?

The Cat stands up slowly without looking at The Dog. The Cat starts to walk towards the kitchen and stops right before leaving and turns his head only a little bit to The Dog.

C: Well, I had to take a nap or two to recharge my batteries to wander more. When it comes to my getting back, all peasants hid everything I could possibly eat. 

The Cat walks out of the room with the head held high.

D: Cats…

The Dog smiles and goes to sleep.

The wild spirit

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  1. Because of you I felt warm feelings reading about The Cat… And I am not a cat person. 😉
    It was really funny and clever. Hope there will be more!

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