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I like my skincare routine and I like that instead of only washing my face with the gel, I have started to use the oil before it. This is something to do for those who not only love taking care of their skin but also who have time for that. And are simply willing to. I have tried it once and since then I am doing that.

However, I am struggling a lot with finding oils for the face in Poland in drugstores or online that I don’t have to spend a fortune at. The very first and only one I have found and I am using is from Bielenda, Hydra Care. It is Cleansing Face Oil – Coconut & Aloe and I just love it. I am just beginning the second bottle.

What I love about that?

The smell is fresh and delicate. It is nice on the skin and after washing off it leaves this protective film. I like that it does not dry out the skin, which is very important to me. The oil removes all that is left from makeup. The formula is transparent but when washing off with warm water it becomes white. One push of the pump is more than enough for the whole face.

What I would change?

The way that applicator works. You have to be careful when pushing the pump so that you don’t have the oil all over the place. Right after the push, it rushes through the pump and out so quickly that I still have some problems with it. Maybe if it has pipette instead of the pump it would be better. 

The oil lasted for two months, or so, for everyday use. That is a long time, so it’s good. Also, it did not cost a lot, which is even better. I feel that my face is fully cleansed and I like that. I am definitely recommending this one to try.

Do you use face oils? What do you think about this one or maybe you can recommend something else? 


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