The procrastination and the reasons we procrastinate || Psychology


Do you ever get this feeling when you don’t want to do something? When you postpone doing everything until the last moment? I live that now. I am struggling with almost everything. That’s why I have decided to write this post and share my experience with you. Even though I had a huge problem with starting writing this. So yes, I will be talking about the procrastination today.

For all of you who haven’t heard about that the procrastination, it is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. The other definition I have found says it is the action of delaying or postponing something. We’ve all experienced it at least once. Even now, I know that I have to write a blog post and I am stopping every five minutes to do something else. To check my Instagram, to do something in the kitchen, to watch some YouTube. Eventually, I am doing it because I like it, but I wait until the last moment.

We often procrastinate because we think we still have a lot of time. This is an illusion. How many times were you surfing the net and suddenly realized that the deadline is too close? I was doing that many times, too many. I always thought I’d relax for a moment and the moment lasted for ages and then I had no more time. I always felt bad about myself because I have wasted my time doing nothing. Then I panicked because there were too many things I could have done earlier and not at the last moment. Maybe they would have been made better, who knows?

On Psychology Today, the link is down below, I found that there might be three reasons for procrastination that we might not be aware of – anger, perfectionism, self-doubt. By the way, the article is worth reading. The first one is very interesting because if I am mad about someone or I just don’t like them and don’t agree with them, then whatever they tell me to do I would postpone that to the moment I feel like doing something. So it is my mechanism to let people know that you don’t have the power over me because I do things not when you tell me but when I want to do them. I have never thought about it that way and I see that I was doing that often to my parents and some of my teachers. When I was in my „angry mod” I hardly ever did things straight away. I was always waiting and explaining to myself that I did not plan it for now. So I would do things later because they were planned for later. 

Self-doubt is something I can relate to now. If someone knows me good, he’ll know that there comes a time when I think the worst of me. I have the feeling that I am not good enough and that people are better than me. That’s why sometimes I don’t do certain things because I don’t want to fail. The fail would mean that I am bad at something and would only make me feel worse about myself. 

The perfectionism is also the one I can really say something about. Being a perfectionist isn’t easy and I catch myself on not starting a thing because I know I would not make it the way I want it. And I want it to look and to be perfect. I set myself expectations that are hard to achieve or that are just unrealistic. I work on it now and the fact that I know who I am makes it easier to change the way I think. So I don’t feel bad when the thing is not the way I hoped for. 

The procrastination is hard at times, especially when we don’t realize we are procrastinating. The illusion of having so much time is tempting to just sit and postpone all the things that need to be done. It’s ok if we waste our time sometimes but when we start to do that every day when we start to do things just before the deadline, it isn’t good. Then we start to stress too much and from thinking, we have a lot of time we end up with no time. 

Do you procrastinate? What do you think about that?


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