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I have prepared for you a little different post today. It is an introduction to a brand I have lately discovered. I don’t know about you, but I am the one who is using something but completely have no idea about a brand. What is their aim, what is their story or what else do they do, etc. I thought that it would be nice to write something about the brand.  The first of this kind of post is about… (dromeo, please!)

Christian Laurent. 

When I saw the advert in a drugstore magazine I’ve decided to buy something from it. I absolutely fell for their beautiful, simple and elegant packagings. They have this luxury look that I really like, as it is said on their website: Christian Laurent – synonymous ‚with luxury’.

Anyway, the brand has high-end drugstore products, which were created by cooperation between French and Polish laboratories. That was a total surprise for me, something I wasn’t expected. However, it is always nice to hear that your country has done something great. Anyway, their aim is to make cosmetics that will be answering the needs of the market and will go with the new world trends. They specialize in body and face care.

„Modern, breakthrough technologies and select active ingredients combined into sensually fragrant, silky smooth formulations deliver a fully immersive experience and astonishing nurturing effects.”


What’s more about the brand?

The fragrances in products are developed directly from Grasse. For those of you who don’t know, Grasse is a city on French Riviera and it’s called the world capital of perfumes. 

„We want your cosmetics to fit you just like the tailor-made dresses of French fashion designers – perfectly suiting your needs, bringing out the natural beauty, giving your style a touch of splendour and luxury in its purest form. Our mission is to create luxury cosmetics with a spectacular efficacy and an exclusive design, so that you can feel truly one-of-a-kind. That’s the way you are.”

I will not lie that I like the last thing they have written. Even though their products are available in a drugstore there is this nice feeling of luxury when using anything from their range. I bought two things from Christian Laurent so far and I am very delighted that I did. The reviews are coming soon. I will test more things, but so far I like what I get from Christian. I think this is a worth to try brand.

Have you heard of Christian Laurent? What do you think about this brand?


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