The three main goals for June || 2018


June is finally here and it began with the heavy storm. Literally, yesterday on the 1st we had a really massive storm. It was pouring rain when I was leaving work. I was soaking wet when I got back home and the best feeling ever was to change into my home tracksuit.  It was raining the whole day but it was very nice in the evening to sit with family and just chat in the garden bower. We played Scrabble and IKnow, and that was just a great start of the weekend. Anyway, here I am writing and sharing with you my goals for the June.

Change my subscription on WordPress

This is something big for me and I was thinking about that for a really long time. A couple of months. I am using the free subscription and I have made my decision that I want to extend my blog a little. So I will switch to one of the paid subscriptions and see where it takes me. 

Work on my previous blog posts

This month I want to go back to my older posts and work on them. Maybe take some new photos or rewrite them. I want to fix some that may be broken. I want to add some links to some of them. I just want to make sure that they will look good in the future. I was moving my blog from Blogspot to WordPress and since then my older posts aren’t good looking. They need some work so June is the month I will sit down and do that. 

Start stretching more 

I finally visited a physiotherapist and I am starting to feel great again. As one of my to-do at home tasks is that I have to stretch more and relax more. She told me a lot of things that made me really positive and motivated for the future. Today would be the first time I will exercise in a long time and I am very happy about that. She recommended me that I start with yoga and pilates firstly. She gave me some sites where I can find yoga and pilates sessions. But I would love to know if you can recommend anyone that I can watch and work out with. Let me know in the comments below.

These are the three main goals for June. If I’ll manage to make them I would feel wonderful. Let me know what are your June goals. I’d love to read them 🙂 


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