Are these metallic lip crayons worth trying? Golden Rose Metals, Matte Metallic Lip Crayons review || Beauty


The metallic trend is now in fashion since the spring began. When I first saw it I wasn’t sure if I like it or not. The metallic clothes are not my cup of tea. But when I’ve seen it in makeup, I thought „why not give it a try?” I did not know what to go for but I have decided that the best for me would be some lip products.

I picked Golden Rose Metals, Matte Metallic Lip Crayon. I love their lip crayons and when I saw that they made metallic ones I ordered three. These are very easy to apply. The only thing that I am always struggling with is sharpening them. The pencil sharpener is not very easy to get for this big sized lip crayons. 


The lip crayons have shea butter in them which makes the formula creamy yet not sticky. It has this very nice consistency of a lip balm. I absolutely like it much. The pigmentation is high and they look amazing on the lips. The colours are hard to describe. They are metallic but at the same time they are not screaming „look at me!” There is this nice matte finish in them. However, they leave marks on everything. What’s more, they feel light on the lips. Longevity is not that impressive. If you’re eating or drinking you have to apply it once again after. 

I bought three colours and all are very beautiful. Number 02 is more a peachy shade. Number 05 is light pink and number 08 is this burgundy red. I like them a lot. This time of the year I am mostly wearing peachy shade and the pink one. In my opinion, they suit spring more. 


Overall, I like them but I am quite not sure if I’ll be buying new colours. I think what I have is enough for me. I am more of a matte lipstick girl at the moment. But we’ll see in the future. I like that they are not patchy and that the pigmentation is high. Also, I love the creamy formula. 

What do you think about these and what do you think about the metallic trend in the makeup? I would love to know your opinions.

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