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When I heard that L’Oreal Paris and Balmain created a range of lipstick, I wasn’t excited really. However, when I saw it I wanted to have at least one. I ended up buying three different shades and I want more. 

What can I tell you about this collection?

It is the very first beauty collection for Balmain. There are 12 shades (only 10 in Poland 🙁 )and each has the formula of Colour Riche Matte lipstick. I have never ever had any lipstick from L’Oreal (yes, I’ve checked now to be sure) so the description of a formula told me nothing but they’re going to be matte. The shades are classified into three different tribes. Which is something cool because each tribe has its own colour design. Also, as a young feminist, I really love that it was made with the theme „United We Are Invincible” just to empower the women all around the world.


The Glamzone Tribe

The packaging is green marble with gold details. It is said the four shades are meant to awaken fierceness and earthly sensuality in everyone who wears them. There are Urban Safari, Glamazone, Fever and Balmain Instinct. 

I have Fever which is beautifully orange and copper colour. The coverage is amazing, I must say. The formula is creamy yet matte. I was a bit scared that it will dry my lips but it definitely does not. 

The Couture Tribe

This one is a tribute to glamour and fashion in elegant black packaging with golden details. The four shades are Confidence, Liberation, Domination, and Confession.

I have Confession – a peachy pink shade that is gorgeous on my lips. It is the colour I can wear to everything and everywhere. 


The Rock Tribe

This collection has blue marble packaging. The Rock Tribe celebrates breaking the rules, rebelling and always being true to yourself. The four shades are Freedom, Power, Legend, and Rebellion.

I bought Legend and I am not sure about this shade. It is dark brown but for me, it has more grey in it. My lips aren’t looking flattering at all. However, I saw girls which looks amazing with this one on. I feel that it is a shade I have to learn how to wear and maybe buy a lipliner for. As it was with the previous two, the lipstick has high coverage and pigmentation.

Overall, I love these lipsticks and definitely buying new ones in the future. I like that the formula is creamy and matte yet does not dry the lips. Pigmentation is wonderful. The only thing I don’t like is that it leaves marks on everything. Anyway, I totally recommend them to everyone because they are amazing. 

Let me know what you think about these in comments down below.



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