New month, new goals || May 2018

May goals

I am pretty happy we have May already. It means more warm and sunny days. More time spent outdoors and more motivation to try new things. As the month started I want to share with you what are my monthly goals. I admit that I try to not have much as May is always the laziest month of mine. 

Go to the physiotherapist

I’ve started exercising again and it is better for a while. But I still feel the pain from time to time. I need to finally find someone who is a good specialist and have some massages. I was once at the rehabilitation but it turned out to be a total disaster. I felt worse than ever.

Do 30-day plank challenge

I remember two years ago I started it but never finish. I was doing good until I had to travel for some time. I couldn’t find the time or was just too tired to do anything else than going to sleep. This month I have started and I’m really into it. This may sound weird but it makes me feel like I am doing something good with my life. Each day of fulfilling this challenge is making me positive and motivated. 

Change my wardrobe

And I don’t mean to declutter it but just change the way I’m dressing. I am having some clothes I love and some clothes that I like but don’t wear. Some that are not my style at all. And also I have clothes I can hardly wear with anything. I would like to rethink my style and dress the way I’d always wanted to. I would love to create my own personal style. So the next time I’m on the shopping I would buy things that not only I like but also that suit me. 

Create inspiring boards

I remember when I was younger I loved to create those kinds of boards each season. Or even more often. They helped me see what I love at the moment and what inspires me the most. They also helped me see where I am going and what I’d love to learn and do. I haven’t done any inspirational board in years and I must say I really need at least one. If you haven’t done any, trust me, it’s very helpful and also it’s fun to do one. You get to know yourself better a bit. 

I think that is all for today’s post. I hope I will have all goals done by the end of May. I cannot wait to make happen the last two. I am very motivated and just simply happy.

Let me know what are your goals for May. What are your plans for this month? 🙂 

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