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I love testing out new facial creams. This is one of my favourite things to do. I am still looking for the perfect cream for my skin and I personally think I’ll never find it. I have a few that, when I don’t feel like trying something new, I can always pick up and be satisfied with. The one I will write about today is officially added to my favourite list.

Bielenda, Hydra Care, Moisturizing Cream Coconut & Aloe (50 ml)

It is for a dry and dehydrated skin. You can use it day and night. However, I apply it only a day. The packaging is simple yet beautiful. I love the fresh smell of the cream because it is not too intensive. The cream is light pastel blue colour. The consistency is creamy and watery at the same time, which is something perfect. The small amount is enough to apply on the whole face and neck. The cream is light and absorbs pretty quickly. I like that it keeps hydrated my skin for the whole day.


Moving on to the ingredients. I was quite surprised by the amount of them because this cream has 41. What surprised me, even more, is that none of them is dangerous or suspicious. There are some which can cause an allergic reaction. I guess in most of the creams there are some ingredients that can be like that. I really like that it does not have any really bad substances in.

I totally recommend this one. It really makes the skin moisturized and hydrated. The application is perfect because of the watery consistency and also, the smell is wonderful. If that is not enough, the cream has a pretty good ingredients list.

Let me know if you tried that cream and what you think about it.

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