April goals || 2018


Time flies so fast. It is almost half of the month. I am working for most of the day and, to be honest, after I get back home it suddenly is a night. During the week it is hard for me to find some time to sit down and properly write my blog post. And recently, for weekends I was traveling so there was no chance to have anything prepared earlier. Fortunately, now I will have few weeks at home so this is my chance to focus more on the blog, and maybe on my YouTube again. Anyway, here are some of my April goals.

Wake up at 6.30 am

As a night owl, I was always struggling with waking up before 10:00am. I can proudly say that it is easier for me now to get up at 7:00am. But this month I want to wake up even earlier because in May I want to exercise before work.

Reduce consumption of sweets

I eat too many sweets recently and I don’t feel well after. April is a perfect month to replace sweets with fruits. Not only I have decided to limit my sweets in quantity but also to eat each day only one kind of them. I think I’ll have the biggest problem with this goal, but we’ll see.

Prepare my blog posts and youtube videos. 

I mean, I really want to take some time to create something I will be fully happy about. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy so far with what I was creating. But I want it to be more perfect for me. I want to make something that is not only my opinion but also has a little wisdom or knowledge in it. I want to read more about things I am talking about and then share some of this information with you. I think that I have forgotten that I have started all this not only to share my opinions but also to learn something new and share that. So that someone else knows it too. I think I’ve lost the meaning I had when I started.

I hope April will be the month of big changes in my life. I hope I will be able and motivated to achieve what I want.

Let me know what are your goals this month 🙂

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