New romance || The Cat and The Dog

‘It is raining. Once you’re wet, you cannot get wetter. Even though those miserable creatures run away like they could. Stupid humans. I see that The Dog is coming back from his walk with Katy. It is a matter of time when she’ll get rid of him. Walking out today was such a terrible idea and she had to. Maybe, after that, she’ll understand how wonderful it is to have only me. What a magnificent being I am’ The Cat puts his paw on his heart and smiles ‘Wait a second! What is that ugly something next to her? Black running leggings and waterproof blue jacket… Really? It looks like a moron and it has a dog. Ehh.. K.! Don’t talk with him! Why is she smiling?! Why are they having their phones in their hands?! They said goodbye. Five. Four. Don’t. Three. Turn. Two. Around. Nooooooo!’ The Cat jumps on the window ‘Calm down! You got rid of one, you’ll get rid of the second. I will make you beg me for mercy, both of you.’ The Cat looks evilly at the walking man and his dog until they’re too far.

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