March goals || 2018


I am so happy that it is March already. The weather is sunnier and the spring is just around the corner. I cannot wait for warmer days and changing my wardrobe. I feel so motivated and I hope it will last a bit longer than usual. This month I have some goals that I think are somehow perfect for preparing for the spring season. At least some of them.

Bake something for Easter

I like baking and I just cannot wait for all those Eastery recipes to make.

Decorate my room for Spring/Easter

I like decorating my room each season so it feels more cozy for me. In spring I love to have a lot of things that look fresh. Green, white and pastel pink are my favourite colours this season so I think I’ll have some things in these. Also, I love to have fresh flowers around, which make it all look just perfect.

Make a plan for things I want to learn

I’m always saying I’ll start to do something but then forget about it or just don’t have a time. This month I want to make plan or schedule when to do what.

Take care of my back 

I am having some problem with my back spine so March is definitely the month of taking care of my health

Put my makeup on to work

This may sound ridiculous but I am a type of person that likes to sleep more and do less in the morning. I erased my makeup routine from my morning routine and I must say I hate because later in work I see myself in the mirror. It’s not that bad but some mascara and eyebrow pencil would do. So this month I want to make my makeup every single work day. It may help with my becoming a morning person 😉

Create logo

Something I am thinking about since December last year. I hope this month I will start working on it.

Buy new plant

Because why not?

Think and create my style

I am always buying things I like but not necessarily that go with each other. I want to see what I have in my wardrobe, what I like in general, what inspires me and just try to create the style for myself. When everytime I am buying new piece of clothes it will match other things from my wardrobe.

What are your March goals?

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