Do you wonder about being just ordinary? || Diary & Thoughts​


Do you ever get this day when you wonder about yourself and your life? And all you think is negative? When I was going to work today it was beautiful weather. Sun was shining and there was a little snow on the fields. While walking towards the building I’m spending 8 hours almost every day I realized something. I am doing things I don’t like and I do not know how to change it. I don’t have any perspective.

We are told that if we try hard everything is possible. Dreams come true only for people who work hard. What if we’re not told everything? Why aren’t we told that not everyone’s living their dream life even if they work hard? That some people must stay ordinary so those who are extra can shine. That there have to be people who will never be who they want. Not because they don’t work for it but simply they are missing what it takes to be that. They will always daydream. Only daydream.

I realized that maybe I should learn that and I’ll become happier. Maybe I should stay ordinary? Daydreaming is what I always had and maybe it is the only thing I will always have. Maybe that’s where my happiness is hiding.

One thought on “Do you wonder about being just ordinary? || Diary & Thoughts​

  1. I think I know that feeling too well. Sometimes daydreams feel like the only way to fulfil our goals. Hard work is not enough to make everything possible. The little spark of luck is also needed. But if there isn’t eunough effort and work there also won’t be a place for that sparkl to shine in our life.

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