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I want to tell you something about Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip Set. I got it for Christmas and used it couple of time. I have heard so many things about this brand and when it was launched in Poland I thought I give it a try. Fortunately for me, this one was a gift.

I know that there are five different colours. I have the one with Trophy Wife and Shameless in it.

„Perfect a sophisticated, feminine look with the plummy, rose-toned shades of Trophy Wife combined with the rich pink and copper duo-chrome pigments of Shameless” – Sephora

Packaging is in shape of mouth. It is very pretty. And inside there is lip liner, liquid matte lipstick and lip strobe. I like that when combined it is very pretty and unique colour shade. This lip liner and liquid matte lipstick are almost similar shade. They slightly differ, lip liner is a bit darker from lipstick.


Liquid lipstick is drying pretty fast however it does not stay too long if you drink or eat. I had to correct or even redo my lip makeup a couple of times when I was at the New Year’s Eve party.

Lip strobe is very beautiful and on lips it looks wonderful. At first, it is a bit sticky but few minutes later this feeling disappear.

I quite like this set and I am using it only on special occasions because there isn’t much of it to use it everyday.

Do you have any of these Huda Beauty sets? What do you think of them? Do you like it or not really?


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