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We may not have snow but we do have cold weather. We change our environment from warm to cold very often during the day. That’s why our skin gets dry really quick. Winter is the time when I start to take bigger care of my skin. I observe and try to keep it moisturized and hydrated all the time. However, the biggest problem for me is to keep my hands in good condition. I am always having a problem with them.

I am using a lot of hand-cream and lately, I am in love with the one from Venus HandCare Nature. Rejuvenating concentrate for hands and nails, honey + orange + lemon. At least that is what they say at the packaging.

The cream has light consistency and it smells beautiful. A bit of something sweet mixed with citrus undertones. It is a little greasy but at the same time, it absorbs quickly. It leaves a thin layer on the skin but it feels more like a protective cover. I mean, your skin is feeling moisturized and hydrated. The only disadvantage is that you get a small amount of it. It is only 50 ml. I haven’t seen bigger sizes. But I know some people don’t like big hand-creams.

Anyway, I really like this one and I think I’ll buy myself another one.

What is your favourite hand-cream or which one are you using at the moment?


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