Garnier Skin Naturals botanical cream and cleanser review || Beauty


I have become a huge fan of skincare recently and I am trying to find cosmetics that are perfect for my skin. In the winter time I am struggling a lot with different creams, tonics, and serums, etc. to find some my skin likes. Today I want to share with you two products I bought right after they were released and I am testing them since.

These products are Garnier Skin Naturals, Botanical Cream with Flower Honey and Garnier Skin Naturals, Botanical Cleanser. Both are with flower honey. The packaging is very pretty, simple and very light.


I will start to say something about the cream. I love the smell, it is something sweet and fresh at the same time. I am not a honey expert but I think that honey does not smell like that. Although, I wish it was. The cream is pretty greasy and I use it at night so I can wait a little longer for it to absorb. It leaves my skin hydrated and moisturized. What is worth mentioning is that the cream is yellow. I know it is artificial but it feels more like a honey (;


When it comes to cleanser, well, what to say. It foams a little, but just a little. It feels good on the skin and removes the leftovers from makeup. It does it work pretty well. However, I bought it because I read only Polish translation on the front cover that says it is a tonic. I know, I know, โ€žBotanical Cleanserโ€ is written in so much bigger size but somehow my brain decided to ignore that. When I got home I was surprised when it started to foam a little and that was the time I discovered it is not a tonic.

I like both of these products. However, I am not sure if I will be buying them again in the future. The cream maybe. The cleanser is one of the good ones but I had better.

Let me know what do you think about them?


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