New Year’s Resolutions || The Cat and The Dog

The Cat (C)

The Dog (D)

D: Cat, Cat! Do you want to hear something great?

C: No!

The Cat gets back to eating

D: I have new year’s resolution. Do you want to know what?

C: No!

D: I want to be even nicer and more friendly to everyone.

The Dog sits down smiling.

C: Really? Is that even possible?

D: Of course it is. I was not always very nice. Especially to her ex but he wasn’t nice to me so I guess I could.

C: And you feel guilty about that?

D: A bit.

 The Cat and The Dog sits next to each other in silence. They stare at the wall for a second.

D: Do you have any resolutions?

C: No!

The Cat starts to eat again.

D: Oh Cat! Everyone has some new year’s resolutions. Katy has a lot of them. She wants to find true love. She wants to lose some weight. And the best, she wants to start running with me.

C: Awesome…

D: So…?? What’s yours?

The Cat finishes his meal.

D: So..?

The Cat walks out of the kitchen. The Dog walks behind him.

D: Tell me. Please! Please, Cat. Don’t be that. Tell me!

C: OK!!

The Cat stops suddenly.

C: I want to sleep even more in the sun on the sofa. And I want to care less.

D: Is that possible?

C: I thought you wanted to be nicer.

The Cat walks away and The Dog sits down smiling.

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