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December is the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about it and I am proud to say that I’ve already bought all the gifts. Apart from giving people presents I love that we have advent calendars. Different kinds of advent calendars. Today I want to talk a little about beauty ones I wish I had.

24 Days of Clinique

I loved lasts years 10 Days with Clinique and I am pretty sad this year I couldn’t put my hands on their 24 Days.  I was waiting for it and when it appeared it was sold out within few days. I was late


I promised myself that when I’ll move into my own house I would buy myself this one. However, it can take some years. I wanted it for some time but I am only checking them out each year. But my day will finally come.

NYX, Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar

Maybe next year I will buy one. I love this brand so having 24 days of surprises sound lovely. Well, I still can buy myself one and maybe I will. I need to check my bank account first 😛

These are the three ones I wish I had and the one I have is from Douglas. I like it because it has different brands in it and not only their products.

What advent calendars do you have and which ones you wish you had?

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