The three of us || The Cat and The Dog

Pigeon Andrew (A)

The Cat (C)

The Dog (D)

Katy (K)

The Cat and The Dog are sitting on the bench in the park. It is an evening and the lanes are brightened by the warm light from the street lamps. 

A: I cannot believe the whole week has gone since we started

C: Don’t be so positive. It still hasn’t finished.

A: Don’t be so negative, Cat. Everything will be great.

C: When everything is I won’t be so negative about it.

A: Whatever. I like the look on his face when he has to do this every single day couple of times.

C: He is becoming more aggressive because of that. That’s good.

A: What about Dog?

The Cat is silently staring into the distance.

A: I know what we’re fighting for but…

C: I have to go home.

The Cat walks into the house and hears screaming.

‚So they’re fighting again. Good.’

Suddenly Roger runs outside and slams the door behind him. The Dog comes into the living room and behind him goes Katy.

C: What is it, Dog?

D: Roger came back from work, he was very angry so he kicked me while I was drinking some water. What he did not know is that Katy was hiding to surprise him. She saw everything and told him to get the hell out of here. He tried to convince her it was not on purpose and I was a bit scared she would believe him but no. So he started screaming and she started too. And now you know.

Katy sits next to The Dog and starts to pet him. The Cat jumps on her laps and lays down purring. Everybody seems happy.

K: So there are only three of us left. I think we will be having great Christmas time without this retard.

The Cat smiles and The Dog starts to snore.

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