December goals || Lifestyle

Finally, it is December. I am really excited for this month. Everything is so much better, people are nicer and the world just looks wonderful. I am pretty much in time with all the things I have planned. Is anything missing? Of course, and that is snow. But I hope there will be some snow on the Christmas Eve. Anyway, I have some goals for this month because I am geting better with achieving them (:

Pack every gift before the 15th

Bake Red Velvet Cake and some Christmas muffins

Buy some new Christmas decorations

Be nice to everyone even if I am mad

Everyday watch a Christmas movie until 25th (that’s a challenge 😉)

Get back to drawing

Clean up the whole house

Finish all the books I started reading

Be more active on social media

Don’t be so critical and anxious about my videos on YouTube

Try to be a morning person

Let me know what are your December goals, I really like to know 😀

3 thoughts on “December goals || Lifestyle

  1. I can see a lot of common goals! I also need to get back to drawing and I want to be nice to everyone even if I’m mad. Trying to be a morning person though is probably the most important to me! I love your blog!

    Olga from Myme

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