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I cannot believe it is a month since I got back from New York City. Many things have happened and my thinking has changed since then. I will not lie that it wasn’t the journey of my life when it was. I fell in love with the City and I’ll be back there in future (if that would be possible). Today, however, I want to share with you why I love New York because after a month I see some things better.

Central Park 

Whoever was then he knows that this is a magical place in the middle of building jungle.


I had some expectations when I went to the theatre but what I thought was not even a 1% of what I’ve experienced. If I was living there, oh well, I would try to do everything that I can to be at Broadway show at least once a month.

People are nice to you

I cannot say if I was lucky enough to meet the right ones who were nice, but I hardly remember anyone who wasn’t kind(expect drivers, but that’s not who I am talking about). Even though I do realize it is only some sort of superficiality I still like it. I like nice treating and smiling. Everything is so much better with them.




You are never bored

The City is big and there are so many things you can do, so many museums you can visit, so many restaurants you can eat at, so many bars you can have a drink, etc..

One way roads

This is a strange one, but somehow I fell in love with one-way roads. I mean, I like that they bring some simplicity and regularity. I do not have many in my country and those which there are, are rather narrow comparing to the American ones.


Isn’t it great that you don’t have to care about traffic, especially in New York? I know that at rush hours subway is nothing pleasant but it is still better than being stuck in the traffic. BTW, you can go anywhere on the subway buying only one ticket.

So here are some of the things why I love New York City. Let me know what do you love about New York or why you want to go there (if you want) or why you don’t.


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