Another three free helpful apps

Recently, I have written a post about Three free helpful apps and today I want to share with you another three apps I love. All of them are very easy to use.

Walkr. Galaxy Adventure In Your Pocket.

This application is counting your steps and then turn it into the energy. With that energy you can upgrade next planets you discover. When it comes to planets they are very cute. There are animal type, element type, plant, cuisine and festival type. You can build your own galaxy that is wonderful. This app helps me see how much I was walking or running every single day.

Fortune City.

You build your city with every money you spend or earn. In this city you have to invite new citizens, find them jobs and merge buildings into new ones. Also, there is distinction between cash and credit card which is great. I see how much money I got in my wallet and in my bank account 🙂


This one is just amazing. I have been using it for a really long time now. You know the feeling when you hear a song but do not know who is singing or what the title is? This app is just for you because you push the button and it finds the music that is playing. What’s more, if you don’t have Internet connection it listens and saves it for later to search. Also, it creates a little library of search music.

Do you have any apps that you love using?

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