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I’ve been addicted to my phone lately. Maybe not to the phone but to the apps I have on it. I am using some applications that are very helpful for me. So I thought why not to write about them if I love them so much. And maybe you will love them too, or you’re already in love 😛


This is the app that helps you learn a language for free. If you are an English speaker there are plenty of languages for you there. If you are not an English speaker you can learn only English (mostly).

Anyway, you choose your goal of how many points you want to gain every day. You can choose from the easiest – 10 points to the hardest – 50 points. It can be changed later so that’s a total advantage. In the app, you have to listen, write, talk and put words in the right order. With every mistake made, one out of five lifes is lost. Lifes can be gained by revising or just by waiting the right amount of time.

Plant Nanny

This is the app I love very much. You write down the main information about you and it calculates the right amount of water you should drink every day. Once you have it you choose the plant with the pot and with every drink you can water it. There are plenty of plants and each is so adorable that you want to have them all. Your plant is growing and when it reaches the full size you can move it to the garden. Every day it gives you seeds for which you can buy more plants. I already have three in the garden and one is growing.

The application is free however I paid to not have any ads in it. Also, it is by FourDesire and they have amazing apps.


This is the app for girls. It helps you to control your menstruation. The app is free and it has a lot of different parameters. Every day you fill how you feel mentally and physically. Also, you can add some notes, your sports activity, the length of your sleep, how much water you drink and your weight. There are some more parameters that you can add to your dash. The app analyzes the information and it reminds you of your coming period.

Every single app is made beautifully and I love how they look. They are pleasing to eyes. I recommend them a lot (:

Do you have any application that you find helpful?

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