Dreaming of new me

Do you ever create different stories in your mind? Do you behave differently in your head? Do you ever imagine you are a different person? The person you always wanted to be?

Well, I do.

I am daydreaming my whole life and the way I created myself in my mind is someone I want to be one day. What I do to achieve that? Nothing!

I have created myself million times and I still do that. However, I am thinking of a person I can be. It isn’t something impossible. Over the last ten years, or so, the girl in my head evolved thousands of times but she stayed constant somewhat. She is not a perfection but she is the one I desire to be. That person is just like me but living the life I only dream of. I compared to her am only existing.

I do not know why but it took me a lot of years to finally realize that I have to let go of fear. I want to be brave and start making an effort to make this dream a reality.

I want to try for a year and see how it goes. And I am not thinking about doing something from time to time but doing something every day. So that with every second I will be closer to the person I wish to be.

I already have written down the things I need to work on and the ways I can practice them. Getting out of my comfort zone is something I fear the most but it can be something the most wonderful. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Do you have that person in your head you want to be? Do you have any traits you want to change in yourself?

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