Halloween || The Cat and The Dog

D: Cat! Cat! Look at me! I am the cutest dog ever. Katy said so.

The Dog jumps around in his new Halloween costume Katy bought him. 

C: Go away Dog! Not today!

The Cat snarls from the corner behind the sofa.

D: Oh Cat. Chill and have some fun. At least tonight.

C: I would chill if only I could be myself. I look like an idiot. And it’s because of you!

D: What? Why?

C: Katy did this to me only because she did that to you.

D: You talk as if it is something hideous. For me, it is not. It’s something beautiful.

C: Really Dog? Really? You are a dog in a hot dog costume.

D: So?

C: Hot DOG.

D: I don’t understand. This costume is the most wonderful of all of them.

C: Who am I living with? – The Cat whispers.

D: Anyway, I am going for a walk with Katy and looking fabulous.

The Dog walks out with Katy. The Cat is left alone.

C: What a terrible idea to put me in a costume. I look dumb.

The Cat walks out from the hide. The pink tulle dress looks pretty cute on the Cat.

C: I am fearless. I am the most dangerous. I am the night predator.

The Cat tries to take the dress off. 

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