Few amazing days in Warsaw || Diary


Last weekend I was in Warsaw with my boyfriend. We were traveling by train, nearly 6 hours. It wasn’t that much horrible as I thought. I brought a book with me so the whole journey I spent on reading.  Right after we arrived at Central Station we decided to go for a quick dinner. We weren’t happy with the pizza they gave us but we were too hungry to even care. Then our friend picked us up and we went to his flat.


The first day of sightseeing was fantastic. The sun was shining bright and it was really, really hot. We saw Royal Łazienki Park. It is sooo huge and we spent there about four hours walking. I like that it had many different styled gardens. There were Romantic one, Modern, Chinese and few more. If you like parks that are big and well made you should visit this one. I and my boyfriend went on a short mini boat ride on the pond. It was so relaxing. Then we saw orangery and exhibition of marble figures inside. I quite do not know why but I just love marble figures. There are really pretty and very majestic to me.


When my feet started to hurt as hell, we pushed ourselves to see one more thing. The Botanic Garden next to Royal Łazienki Park. I do not know if it was great decision especially because I am an allergy sufferer, but who cares. I love gardens and parks, and they make me very relaxed. After that, we ate dinner and went back home to have an early night.


On the next day, our friend and his girlfriend joined us and showed us a looot of things. It was a really, really long walk. But this time it was the cloudy and cool weather. We saw Old Town Square, President’s Belvedere and many gorgeous tenement houses. I fell in love with Krasińskich Palace and to be honest, I want to live there now. Also, Boulevard next to the Vistula was lovely. The big figure of the paper boat was cuuute.


For the dinner, we went to Banjaluka restaurant. The dish was enormous and delicious. I wanted to eat as much as I possibly could. I left a lot though. Still, I remember the taste of that meal.


I think I will get back to Warsaw one day for more sightseeing. I would love to visit few museums there. Anyway, I had great time and I am really grateful that I could be there with the love of my life.


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