What’s in my mini bag? Summer edition || Lifestyle


I love to read or to watch what other people have in their bags. What they do carry around daily. That’s why I have decided to write this kinda post myself. Also, because I love my bag and I want to show it to you.



This little beauty I bought on sale in Orsay, a couple of months ago. I fell in love not only with its look but also in its size. I have never ever had this size of the bag in my life before. But first, the look. It is in very pretty pastel blue colour. I guess it is made from leather, fake one of course. It feels expensive but it didn’t cost me much. In front, it has material butterflies sewn with the golden thread. Between the butterflies, there are mini balls cut in half on golden or silver rings glued to the bag. It has navy blue strap and silver zipper. It all is looking very lovely. Now, the size. Well, it is a small bag but at the same so capacious. I can put in there a lot of things and it still has some space.


The first thing you can see when you open this bag is my wallet. I have a really huge red wallet that I like to carry with me. I have there things like ID, credit card, money, and a motivational letter from my friend. I like to read it every single time I feel down.


The next thing is my phone (I forget to put it for the photo). I almost always have my phone when going out. Most of my friends are living away from me and I like to keep in touch with them everywhere I am. And also, I like to take pictures so the phone is a good replacement when I can’t take the big camera with me.


I always have a notebook with me and some pens. I love to write, so whenever I feel the urge to write I can do it. Not mentioning that I can remember all my ideas, plans and other things by just writing them down.



When it comes to beauty products I have my Baby Lips Hydrate from Maybelline New York for the days when I am not wearing any lip product. I like to keep my lips hydrated and moisturized. When I do wear a lipstick or lip gloss I put it in my bag to apply it once again later. Also, I have my favourite hand cream from Dove and it is DermaSpa Intensive. I love the smell of it and that it dries quickly not leaving the feeling of oily skin.



My cards from different shops I have in my card holder, which I got from my mama. I try to remember to take it with me every time I go shopping. The next things are my keys with different key chains, earphones, little blue mirror, handkerchiefs, hair bands and chewing gums from Orbit. The last thing I carry around is fidget spinner my boyfriend gave me. I do not know why but I am addicted to it. Every time I have to wait for my bus, train or I am just bored I spin it.

Let me know what do you have in your mini bags?


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