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In today’s post I will talk about one of the best parts of my day – my beauty night-time routine. I have made a video about my whole evening, like what I do etc. (check it out). In here I will say something more about products I use.

I start by removing my makeup with cleansing milk from Mixa. I love this one because it does not leave any smudges. You also don’t have to rub your eyes like crazy. Hold cotton pads with cleansing milk against your eyes for a minute and then see how your makeup is disappearing easily. I like that the formula is not too creamy, as I know some cleansing milk can be like that. You don’t even need that much to get rid off the whole look from your face. I like that it is for people with allergies and it works perfectly. I know how annoying it can be when you start using something new and immediately your face get red and burns, but this one is not like them.

After my makeup is removed I wash my face with another Mixa product. This time it is face wash gel. The consistency is wonderful, so creamy yet very light and soft on the skin. It foams quickly and washes everything. It leaves your skin hydrated.

The last thing I do when it comes to cleaning my face is using micellar water from Mixa. It lasts for a really long time. It is alcohol free and it doesn’t smell.

When my face is clean I like to use my Active Moisturizing Face Serum from Bielenda, Skin Clinic Professional. It has a pipette so the application is very easy and you don’t spill it around. You can use it for day, night or both. I apply it in the evening. I only need two or three drops to cover my whole face. It dries quickly. My skin felt better on the next morning just after the first use.

Before going to bed I put on my hand cream from Dove. It is DermaSpa Intensive with Cell Moisturisers. The packaging is simple, yet very pretty. I like this hand cream because it dries quickly leaving the skin soft and moisturized. The smell is beautiful but it is hard to describe.

The last thing I do is applying my EOS. Right now I have the strawberry one. Smell is magnificent and so is the taste ;P

What do you use for your beauty evening routine?


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