July 2017 || Favourites



I cannot believe that this month is almost over. There were only a few days with summer weather and the rest of them were as if it was autumn already. July was a time when I didn’t use a lot of makeup and in general, I didn’t do a lot of things. Even though, I have something I can put in my favourites.

Dove, Nourishing Secrets, Invigorating Ritual, body lotion with avocado oil and calendula extract, for all skin types.
I must say it is making my body feel great for two months, I guess. I really love it. My skin is smooth and soft. And the smell lasts for really long time on my body.

Lovely, Milky Chocolate, Medium Matte face bronzer.
First thing, the packaging is very cute. When you open it you want to eat it, however, it does not smell like chocolate. The application is very easy. The pigmentation is good because it gives you the opportunity to build the colour on your face. I mean, you can apply it layer by layer and don’t have to blend too much. The colour is definitely the warm one but for the summer it is perfect. Trust me, I am a cold-colour bronzer lover ;P

L’Oréal Paris, Color Riche, L’Ombre Pure in 206 Little Beige Dress.
I love this one. I have been wearing this one a lot during July. It has this creamy formula that lasts long on eyelids. It is nude colour so it suits everything. Also, it shimmers and looks good even if it’s the only eyeshadow you use.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
I fell in love with this TV series from Netflix. I am about to watch the fifth episode and I cannot say anything more about it than it is perfectly done. Just perfect.

Let me know do you think about these above and what are your favourites of July?


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