AA Hydro Algae Nourishing Cream Review || Beauty


We all know that it is important for our face skin to look good. That’s why it is essential to pick up a cream, which will be perfect.

I have tried a lot of different creams, some were great and some were a total disaster. Today I want to give my opinion about AA Hydro Algae Nourishing Cream, Intensive Moisturizing, dry/normal skin, day and night.


This cream is watery which makes the application very easy. Just a little bit is enough for the whole face. I love creams that are watery and this one is also very light on the skin. It absorbs quickly leaving the feeling of healthy skin.

The cream has blue algae in it that is said to be stimulating skin regeneration. I like algae as I like charcoal and coconut. So everything with these is a must-have for me (almost everything ;P).

I like this cream and I recommend it to anyone with dry skin and to people, who, like me, love watery creams with algae.

What do you think about this one?


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