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I am a fan of face masks, but hardly ever I buy the ones that are for more than three applications. This time I gave one a try. L’Oreal Skin Expert/Paris Pure Clay Mask is said to detox and brighten your skin face in 10 minutes. Well, I was tempted by the charcoal in it. I know that there are two other face masks: Purify & Mattify Mask, Exfoliate & Refining Mask.


The packaging of this one is very simple and good looking. The application is very easy however your hands can get very dirty. It has a creamy formula that dries partially within 15 minutes, or so. It said to last for ten applications. I used it four times already and there is still a lot left. I hope I will have it for more than 10 applications.

I didn’t have that problem, but my sister’s face felt a little pinched and kind of dried out a bit. My skin feels softer after every application.

What do you think about this face mask?


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  1. I just tried this mask out & it made my skin soo smooth & soft but the next day it did get extra dry, but definitely worth it, I’ll still use it just got to double up on the moisturiser.

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