Something big is coming || The Cat and The Dog

The Cat (C)
The Pigeon Andrew (A)
A: I’ve tried but it is out of my reach.
A: Sorry Cat.
The Cat and The Pigeon Andrew are sitting next to each other in silence on the bench in the park. People are walking by and they are really suprised with what they see.
A: If there was another way to do it, you know I’d love to help. Especially after what you’ve told me.
The Pigeon Adrew looks at The Cat. The Cat is looking at the nearby fountain where one small human annoys another one.
C: We can’t kick him out but we can make him go away.
A: How?
C: How many friends do you have that can get involved?
A: Oh no, tell me you don’t think about what I think about.
C: I am thinking about it.
A: Be here tomorrow and I’ll tell you how many.
C: See you tomorrow then.
The Cat jumps down from the bench.
C: Oh and one more thing. Don’t tell dog anything. He’s too sensitive and too good.
A: You got it.

The Cat walks away and The Pigeon Andrew starts his research.

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