June 2017 || Favourites

This is July already but I still want to make this post and talk to you about my June favourites. 

Ingrid Cosmetics Blush Satin Touch || 10

This blusher has really cute pattern of rose. The colour is very natural and it is more peachy shade.It looks very pretty on my cheeks. The application is quite hard because you have to pat it few times before you get any on your brush. However, the pigmentation is amazing.

Catrice Cosmetics Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer || 010 Porcellain

I am using it for a long time now and this one is my fourth or fifth packaging. I like that it has very good coverage and does not leaves any smudges. It blends perfectly and stays really long.

Pierre René Professional Eyebrow Set || no 01

I have it for blonde girls and I love it. There is a wax and three shadows in it. My brows looks very natural. The shadows last long and this one is really good quality. 

Bielenda Super Power Mezo Serum || active moisturizing face serum

I use it only for night and before my face cream. You need one or two drops of it. The application is easy because of the pipette. It is very watery but dries so fast you hardly know you applied it. My skin became more soft and more moisturized.

Dove Nourishing Secrets Invigorating Ritual || body lotion

My body skin is grateful for this body lotion. It is not greasy at all but more watery. The smell is good. I don’t need much to cover my whole body. It dries quickly and leaves the feeling of silk skin.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte/Mat || 983 Beige Babe

The most natural colour in my makeup bag. It is hardly visible on my lips and I absolutely love it. Also, this one does not make my face pale or dead looking. 

Benefit Hoola Zero Tanlines || the believable allover body bronzer

It looks pretty and the application is easy. My skin looks a bit tan but not too much. It is life saver when you want to look tan but don’t have time for sunbathing or you don’t want your tan to last because it washes away under shower.

Long Baggy T-Shirt || Bershka 

These are really baggy and long t-shirts. I bought I because they looked very cute and because with jeans they look amazing. 

These were my June favorites. Let me know in the comments below what did you love?

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