Plants I have that are easy to take care of || Lifestyle

I am a huge plant lover but unfortunately most plants die in my room. Not because I don’t take care of them but because most of the time I am not at home. My university time is almost over so I can plan to buy some new plants I always wanted to have. But today I will show you what I already have. Btw, all my plants have names, some I picked and some where picked by my family.
I love all kinds of cactuses. They are perfect for someone like me and they look beautiful everywhere. I quite do not know why but they do. I have picked few that hasn’t got any spines. 
I am soooo happy that the ones I got started to grow. Every time I look at them I am so excited that they are getting bigger and bigger. I water them every two weeks sometimes even three weeks because they don’t need that much water.
Also I have mini-orchid that is sooo cute. I am a bit worried that it won’t bloom this year but we’ll see. I am planning to buy this little sprinkling bottle because this plant loves moist environment.
When it comes to fresh flowers I like to have some in my room. At the moment I have some lavender that I want to dry for a winter. It smells amazing. Also on my desk I have carnations that look wonderful. 

What kind of plants/flowers do you have in your room?

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