What I do when I don’t feel like doing anything || Lifestyle

Do you also have these days when you have a lot of things to do but don’t feel like doing anything? Well, I have. There is nothing bad in it, at least if that doesn’t last for too long but a day or two. This state from time to time is OK otherwise I think you should contact a specialist because it might be something serious. 

Anyway, I have some days when I cannot do anything or finish anything and those days are like a nightmare to me. As I was growing up and getting to know more things I have learnt how to deal with me being lazy and not motivated at all. 

First of all, I do not stress about it. Stressing is never good and it can make things worse. I know sometimes it is easier said than done but at least I try. I just breathe in and out and allow myslef to be a little lazy. I personally think it is my body communicating that it needs some time off, some rest and relax. 

If I can I like to start my day with some TV. I know, ground breaking, but well some channel really motivates me a lot. I love watching programmes about fashion, houses, gardening, cooking – they always relax me and I can learn something new.

If I have things that need to be done, well it will sound silly but I don’t force myself to do them straight away. I am eventually doing them but feeling more willing to do them. Instead of making things done and being deconcentrated every five minutes, I go for a walk with my dog or workout for 40 minutes or so. Then a quick shower and I am pomped to do everything. 

If I do not have anything to do and some work can wait I allow myself to fully relax. I read books and magazines, clean my house, browse through Internet. Basically I am trying to spend this time nice and happy on things that are a little productive for me. I know that laying on a couch and watching TV for a whole day is something I am always regreting. 

The most important thing is to remember that you can allow yourself for some free lazy time. Also, when having this day of doing ‘nothing’ try to think about activities you will not regret doing after the day’s gone. 

Of course, remember that these ideas can not work for you as they work for me. It was a really long process to find what is best for me and there were a lot of things that were really, really not helping at all. 

Let me know what do you do on your lazy days? (:

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