Under Twenty BB Matting Cream Review || Beauty

I am back. I have finished my MA Thesis and I am really proud of it (:

Today, I want to show you what BB cream I use. For a really loooong time I wasn’t using any because I didn’t feel like it. But about a year ago I looked at myself and thought ‘well, you need something to cover your face…”. I didn’t want full coverage but needed something light that would cover some redness of my face.

Under Twenty BB Matting Cream with antibacterial effect is my fave. It applies easy and last really long. I wear it all day long and I am happy with it. There are not any smudges but it blends beautifully. The coverage is light. It covers my red spots and makes my skin tone look plain. There isn’t any smell. I would not say it is fully matt but it doesn’t matter because I apply powder on it. Also, it has SPF 10 so for sunny days it is perfect. 

I am totally happy it and would recommend it to anyone. 

Let me know what BB cream do you use and if you like it?

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