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For a really long time I did not pluck my brows. Not because I did not want to but because I did not know how to do it myself and I never trusted anyone to do it for me. So I am truly happy, even though at that time I was a bit ashamed, that I did not have thin brows. As every fashion it came and it went. When I first decided to go and have my brows done it was cool to have them look natural and thick. Since then I hardly ever have my brows done because they do not grow around that much. Today I want to share with you what products I am currently using when styling them every day.

Rimmel London, Brow This Way || 004 Clear

This is brow styling gel with Argan Oil. I have it in transparent colour. It styles and brushes my brows very well. They stay in one place for couple of hours. It does not glue my hair together so that brows looks natural.
Pierre Rene Professional, Eyebrow Set || no 1
It is set of three different shades and a wax. I have it for blonde hair girls but I know there is a set for people with darker hair. The shadows are very long lasting. When applying them on the wax they get a bit darker. I use only two colours mixed together and I am very satisfied with them. 

Maybelline New York, BrowSatin smoothing duo-brow pencil & filling powder || medium brown
I have it in ‘medium brown’ because ‘dark blonde’ was too light for me (at least that’s how it looked in shop). The pencil is soft and very easy to apply. It is good quality and last long. But the filling powder is something I cannot get over with. It gives brows this natural look. I like applying it and that it smooth the look of my brows.
What are your brows products you use?

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