April 2017 || Favourites

For today I have my April Favourites and if you’re not in the mood of reading you can watch it on my new Youtube channel (Nigri Felis). I am really happy I have finally filmed my first video (:
Two Faced Sweet Peach
I talk about this one a lot and I probably will for the next few weeks. So here are few links to my previous posts where I mentioned this eyeshadow palette.
Bell BB Cream Lightening 7in1 Eye Concealer || 010 Light
This one is perfect for my area under eyes. It really brightens this area and it has great coverage at the same time. Also, it is light on the skin and I do not feel I have anything on.
Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Shine Lip Gloss || 110 Tangerine Tango
This colour is amazing. Orange tones are out of my comfort zone but I gave it a try. Now I love it. I’ve been wearing this one like crazy for the last month. It is very pigmented but on the lips, it looks really light, not so radiant as I thought it would look.
Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid Lipstick || 040 Pink Macaron
The smell of it is amazing because it smells of vanilla. Oh My…! I love it. I want to eat it every time I apply it on my lips. The colour is very pretty. It is this light, pastel pink which on lips looks very fresh.
Milka Egg’n’Spoon Milk Creme, Milka Mini Eggs, E+G Schokolade, Vollmilch-Schokolade am Stiel
Sweets, sweets and sweets, mostly chocolate and I will always love chocolate.

What are your April favourites?

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