The Dark Business || The Cat and The Dog

 The Pigeon Andrew (A)
The Cat (C)
Somewhere in the park
A: I see you’ve finally come to me. I knew it would not be too long until we see each other again. And here we are meeting in the park. It used to be our place, remember? Old times, good times. But what can I do for you, the same stuff you used to take?
C: I am not here for myself. I am over it.
A: Not for yourself?! Do you really think I will believe in the story of yours? The most self-centred cat?
C: You do not have to believe in anything. I am not here for some psychological advise from the crazy pigeon. I came to make business. I do not want to have some small talks.
A: If the business you seek to the best creature you came. What do you want my friend?
C: Don’t call me that. These times are over because of you. Anyway I need a human drug.
A: Whoa!
The Pigeon Andrew flies down from the tree to the bench The Cat is sitting on.
A: A human drug? I cannot say if I will be able to get it.
C: I came to you because you are the only one who can get it for me.
The Cat looks at The Pigeon Andrew with the big eyes.
A: I like what you’re saying. Keep talking.
C: I will but I need to know something. Where have you been? Who were you working for? And why have you come back?
A: What do these information have to do with the present time we are now?
C: It has everything to do with now. You betrayed me and never admitted it. If you still cannot do that, well, I will have to say goodnight to you, my friend.
A: OK, I see where’s this going. I am truly sorry for what happened but I did not have any choice. She was the love of my life and I had to give our friendship up. I spent a lot of wonderful times with her. I love her so much.
The Pigeon Andrew has tears in his eyes. The Cat looks at him with pity.
C: Where is she now?
A: Back home in the neighbour city. She is so delicate and did not like what I was doing so that’s why I hade to give it up.
C: Then why’re you here?
A: I could not resist myself any longer. The money is to be made so we can live. I lied to her I am visiting my old mother but I think she knows the truth.
C: What. A. Pigeon. Pussey!
The Cat starts to laugh at The Pigeon Andrew.
A: Not funny Cat! Not funny!
C: It is, actually it is very funny. You were so independent, cool, strong, brave and now you are just a love bird with nooooo balls at all.
A: I have balls..
C: Crashed by your love. Anyway, back to business. As I was saying I need a human drug.
A: Which one?
The Cat whispers to The Pigeon Andrew something no one could hear.
A: I see what I can do. Give me two weeks.
C: See you then. I’ll bring something you’ll like.
A: You know me best. See you Cat.

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