Crime or not really? || Story

I have written this story a long time ago. I have just found it and I still love it. I must say I want to rewrite it differently. But let me know what you think about it? 
        Let’s pretend you were never loved. Your dad was an alcoholic and he hit you every time you defended your mother. Everyone was laughing that you had no money and you were bullied at school. Despite that when the moon was in the sky you were saying your wish to make all your life change for good.
            “I’m done here” she whispered while closing the front door. As always she hid the keys under the shoe-scraper. It is early dawn but the streetlights are off. The girl, Miranda, is walking slowly down the road with her earphones on and listening to music. Her blonde hair with pale skin and bloody red lips are the excellent combination to achieve men heart. She knows it and for those who thought she’s a player, well, I need to disappoint you. Miranda has a boyfriend. At least, she had had before she left the house.
            The girl was thinking about her previous boys. All handsome, rich but with one disorder – addiction to something. She only wanted to be loved but every relationship gone wrong. Each of Miranda’s lovers was left with the bleeding heart.
            The Police caught her at the bus station.
            The judge sentenced her to the death penalty for murdering five men.
            After the trial someone screamed:
            ‘You’re crazy’
            ‘I’m not crazy’ she smiled ‘My reality is just different than yours.’

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