Easter decorations and sweets || Lifestyle

Happy Easter Everyone (: I hope this beautiful and also magical time will be spent with the loved ones.
For me, Easter is the time when I start all over if The New Year’s resolutions are still not moved. I love Easter the same as I love Christmas. I think that during these two holidays there are the best candies and decorations in the shop.
I want to show you a couple of things I got myself for this Easter season.

Beautiful decorations I got for a long time now. I like them because they are a bit old-fashioned.

Two white rabbits with colourful ribbons.

Chicken shaped candle. I picked the yellow one because the white one wasn’t Easter enough for me. These big handmade eggs I bought on the market. Sweets! I love these all. I got Milka mini eggs, Milka Egg ‘n’ Spoon and E+G Vollmilch – Schokolade am Stiel. The last one I remember from my childhood and I was really happy when I discovered them in the shop recently.
So this is all I wanted to share with you (:

Happy Easter (: