The first day of spring || The Cat and The Dog

The Cat – C
The Dog – D
C: ‘What is that noise? Ughh, let me sleep! The sun is so beautiful today.’
After a minute The Dog jumps into the room.
D: ‘Cat, Cat! You will never guess what I have seen today on the walk.’
C: ‘Your death?’
D: ‘Nooo.. I have seen the very first crocus! The spring is finally here for good.’
C: ‘Yes Dog. The spring is here for good because today is officially the first day of spring. Now, will you let me sleep?! I have found the perfect spot in the sun. So warm. So cozy’ The Cat starts to purr
D: ‘And I also made a new acquaintance. His name is Andrew and he is a pigeon. I met him in a park. He was very nice not like the stereotype says.’
C: ‘Pigeon Andrew you say?!’ The Cat sits quickly ‘In what park have you seen him?’
D: ‘The one right around the corner. Do you know him?’
C: ‘I know him very well and too long. I need to go!’
D: ‘But why?’
C: ‘My past is haunting me, you will never understand.’

The Cat meows in front of the door so Katy opens them. The Cat walks out slowly. The Dog sits and stares until the door are closed. Then he jumps on the sofa and lies on the perfect spot in the sun.

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