Two Faced Sweet Peach Review || Beauty

First of all I want to apologize you for my absence. I was feeling really bad lately and all I wanted to do was to hide myself under my blanket. I did not want to see the world. So for today I have something I wanted since I first saw it. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Two Faced Sweet Peach.

Oh my God! The packing is beautiful and the first thing you notice after opening it is the smell. It is soooo sweet that every time I do my makeup I want to eat it. No lie! When it comes to the pigmentation it is really good. The colours are fantastic however there are two I know I will probably never use. They stay really long on eyelids and they do smell almost all day. So it is like makeup and perfume in one. My only disadvantage is that the mirror is quite small and there is no brush. I got used to having one brush in eye shadow palettes. But these two things are just my opinion or preferences what eye shadow palettes should have ;P
Anyway I am totally recommending it to anyone.

What do you think about Two Faced Sweet Peach?

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