Bad day || Diary

Today was not a good day for me. I was feeling really bad most of it. My few days were like it but today I hit the bottom. I was lying in my bed until 3pm. The amount of negative thoughts about my life and myself was shocking.
At first I was trying to overcome it by watching my favourite movie of all time. But it did not help me. So I let the negativity hit my mind. I was also trying to think about the positive sides of me about 5 minutes. Then I lost control.  The more I hated myself, the more arguments I came up with to convince myself I am terrible person. The outcome was I am the worst and no one likes me. Also because I was still in my bed I felt even worse because I hadn’t done anything productive.
At 3pm my boyfriend called me to check how my day was. I do not have to say I immediately started to pass all the negativity about myself to him. He spent the whole hour listening to me and just being realistic about everything I said. So after I cried out every single tear I felt a little better. I cannot say how wonderful boyfriend I have. I love him very much and during the days like today he is the only person that can actually comfort me so much. Not only a talk with my boyfriend helped me but also with my best friend. Thank you both for everything.
I felt better. Of course, not all the negativity vanished but I was able to think a little positive. I went to my garden to breath some fresh air and after that I have decided to take a looong hot shower. And that was the best thing I could do today. I was feeling fifty times better than I was feeling in the morning.
I was thinking about writing a story about The Cat and The Dog but few days were really bad for me. Instead I have decided to write about my today when I was crying a lot and wasn’t able to think positive.

I guess everyone have that kind of days when he/she feels horrible. It is important to remember that we can let the negative thoughts hit us but at the end of the day we should be more positive about ourselves. We all have insecurities and struggle with problems. Sometimes it is needed and ok to cry for the most of the day. Until it does not disturb our living we can have that days. But when we start to feel worse and worse we should seek for help.

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