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The spring is almost here and because the weather got nicer (more sunny) I have decided to prepare myself for it with my lip products. I looked at what I already had and then went to the shop to find something new and fresh to try out. Almost for the whole winter time I wore red or really dark colours on my lips so I am pretty excited and happy about changing that now. I have picked pink and orange colours for this season. I cannot say I wasn’t influenced by the today’s fashion because I was. Anyway, these are really good lip products and I just love them. I already started to wear them because I cannot wait for the spring. I have tried out all and I am pretty happy about every single one.

Essence Matt Matt Matt longlasting lipgloss in 03 Girl of Today. It is really longlasting and perfectly matt. The smell is could be better but the application is very easy.
Misslyn Velvet Matte lip cream in 114 Girly Attitude and in 12 Happy-go-lucky. Well, I already had them in my makeup collection from last year. I still like them. They apply easy and once on the lips they stay there for a really long time.

Catrice Cosmetics Infinite Shine lip gloss in 110 Tangerine Tango. Isn’t the colour beautiful? This lip gloss isn’t very pigmented but it leaves a beautiful peachy colour.

Catrice Shine Appeal Fluid lipstick in 040 Pink Macaron. Oh well, the first time I saw it I must had it. Smells of vanilla and looks soooo cute.

KOBO Professional Matte Liquid lipstick in 405 Passiflora tea. This is another one I had in my makeup collection. It is not fully matte but I really like the way it looks on my lips. I think I am happy that it isn’t fully matt because there is something charming about this half-matte pink colour.

What are your lip products picks for the upcoming spring season?

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