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moroccan ritual

My dry skin needs to be cared of every day especially in the winter. I have used a lot of body creams; some I loved and some weren’t for me. As I was looking for something new to try out, because I got bored with my previous cream, I came across AA Ethnic Beauty. I must say I was interested by the look of it. There are three different types of body balms from Ethnic Beauty. I picked The Moroccan Ritual because it is nourishing-restoring one. It has cupuacu butter, cocoa butter and argan oil as its ingredients.
After first use I fell in love in vanilla smell that lasts forever. I always apply it in the evening after my shower and even on the next day I still feel it on my skin. It is really moisturizing and leaves a silky film on my skin. This body balm is one of my favourites at the moment and I am thinking about buying the other two from this collection.
What do you think about AA Ethnic Beauty body balm?

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