Valentine’s Day || The Cat and The Dog

The Cat (C) and The Dog (D) talk
C: ‘I am sooo thirsty. I want some water.’
D: ‘You have water in your bowl.’
C: ‘I want some fresh water. Not this old something.’
The Cat starts to walk around the room and jumps on the table.
C: ‘What’s that? Flowers and they have water. I want that water!’
D: ‘These flowers are for Katy. You’d better not mess with them.’
C: ‘From whom? I bet they’re from The Retard. He has a really bad taste when it comes to flowers’
The Cat tries to stick his head into the vase.
D: ‘They look pretty for me. Richard said not to touch them, Cat! They are for this special day today.’
The Cat pulls the head out of the vase surprised.
C: ‘Because of this pathetic Valentine’s Day humans have? Sooo lame Retard, soooo lame.’
The Cat tries again to drink the water from under the flowers.
D: ‘What’s Valentine’s Day Cat?’
C: ‘It’s one day in a year when humans show love to each other. I almost got it…’
The Cat moves the vase a little.
D: ‘So on the other days humans don’t say the love word?’
C: ‘Yes Dog, You see those peasants are weird. I want just a sip of that freshly looking water….’
The vase moves again.
C: ‘And on this day they are able to show love to one another. On the other days they’re too busy or something. One small sip…’
D: ‘If humans can show love today then so can we. I love you Cat, you’re my best friend.’
Richard walks into the room. The vase falls on the floor next to The Dog. He is scared while The Cat looks as if nothing happened.
C: ‘Too much love can kill you.’
The Cat looks up on Richard.
C: ‘Finally! Now come and give me some fresh water.’

The Cat runs to the bathroom’s sink.

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