My love story || Diary

When I was younger I thought love is something magical. Once given lasts forever. I believed  in love at first sight and that people are made for each other.
I started growing up and my Prince Charming wasn’t coming. I watched hundreds and thousands of romantic comedies whishing that one day I met a guy for me. What I saw on a TV screen was the reality I hoped for.
The reality never came.
In my school years I was falling for boys but until my university time I did not have any lovers. Boys treated me like a ‘bro’ than a girl to love. So maybe that’s why I ended up being alone for quite a long time. 
I guess I was dreaming about my True Love but never sincerely answered what it means to me. Maybe if I could tell myself what romantic love is then I wouldn’t be drowning in my own tears many times. 
Days came and they went. I was doing stupid things, some I regret and some I am grateful for. They changed me and the way I was looking at the world around me. I stopped believing in True Love for some time though. 
When my high school ended I spent my leisure at my home. I watched my parents and it was a time when I realized that you have to work on your love. The feeling is not enough if you don’t take care of it. I saw how my mum and dad were taking care of love. They had those habits of showing each other what they feel. And somehow they always found some time to spend together.
I found my Prince at university. We saw each other right on the first day of lectures. He caught my attention but it wasn’t meant to be until three years later. We ended up on the same party and talked the whole evening. I did not believe him when he said he would call me in few days. I thought this was a phrase boys say to girls, just like that. He called. Since then we are happy together. 
He is the first man I am with longer than a month. 
He is the first man to whom I said ‘I love you’. 
I learned that love is given but if you want it to last you have to work on it. Break the habits, do things together, surprise each other from time to time and talk about everything. To love someone is to give yourself to that person and to receive the same from the other side. 
Right now I am looking at my Prince Charming. Oh boy I love this man so much. I hope we will last and our journey will be the awesome one.

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