Fireworks || The Cat and The Dog

The Dog (D)
The Cat (C)
C: ‘Run Dog, run! They’re coming. The small bastard Napoleon is still alive. The French are coming. Run!’
D: ‘What is that noise? I love it. I cannot say why but I love it’
C: ‘Are you crazy? This is danger. Hide yourself!’
D: ‘No way, I will not hide! If it’s danger I will bark at it until it will finally go away’
The Cat ran away and hid under the blanket while The Dog was running from door to windows barking at fireworks.
Few hours later
D: ‘Cat! Cat! You can come out. I barked it off. Do not be scared anymore.’
C: ‘I am never scared !’
D: ‘But..’
C: ‘Shut your hole, peasant. Because you ended making noise I am going to sleep now.’
D: ‘I saved you. Thank you would be nice’
The Dog said quietly while The Cat was preparing to sleep on Katy’s bed.

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